Association of Departments and Programs of Comparative Literature

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The Association of Departments and Programs of Comparative Literature is an organization for department heads, committee chairs, graduate officers, curriculum coordinators, and others who find themselves responsible for leading a Comparative Literature unit in their institution. The ADPCL holds meetings for program administrators (usually in conjunction with the American Comparative Literature Association or the Modern Language Association), offers workshops for job-seekers, maintains mailing lists of administrators, provides this website, compiles curriculum models, supplies experienced Comparative Literature representatives to serve on program-review committees when requested, and offers other administrative assistance where appropriate.

More formally, according to the ADPCL Constitution: "The purpose of the ADPCL, as an organization of administrators, is to promote the interests of departments, programs, and other academic units of Comparative Literature in colleges and universities in North America, in cooperation with the American Comparative Literature Association and the Modern Language Association; to facilitate communication among such departments and programs or their representatives; to provide a forum for discussing issues of the discipline in the context of higher education; and to encourage the development and continued growth of the discipline."

Officers of the ADPCL are Caroline D. Eckhardt, President (Penn State,, and Corinne Scheiner, Secretary-Treasurer (Colorado College,  Members of the Executive Committee are:  Nancy Blake (University of Illinois, Urbana-Champagne,; David Damrosch (Columbia University,; Elaine Martin (University of Alabama,; Ross Shideler (University of California, Los Angeles,; and Steven Ungar (University of Iowa,


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